A little bit about me!

I am a photographer based in Kent, South East England and have been passionate about my photography for most of my life now. My location in Kent, close to the coast has influenced much of my work as you will see in my galleries. I have also been fortunate enough to have travelled widely over the last twenty years to some of the planets far flung corners as well as others closer to home too. I am inspired to seek out and explore new destinations, both at home and abroad, before they change and are lost forever as our global village expands at an ever relentless pace.

My work has been published in travel brochures and can regularly be found on a number of websites including Wanderlust, Responsible Travel and the Adventure Company. I regularly exhibit at Lloyds of London for their annual art exhibition as well as other ad-hoc exhibitions and until recently I was for four years a registered artist with the Nucleus galleries in both Rochester and Maidstone . I also regularly exhibit in a number of restaurant/wine bars and cafes both in London and Kent. Please refer to the News page to find out more about current as well as upcoming exhibitions.

I am a relative newcomer to digital after using transparency (slide) film for most of my life but now I use digital almost exclusively. I shoot mostly using the RAW format as this provides more flexibility post production. I do not believe in image manipulation (except for clearly artistic projects) other than dust spot removal and any other alterations are restricted to what could be performed in a traditional darkroom ie colour saturation, contrast, and dodging and burning. I tend to prefer monochrome for most landscape work although this is not exclusive and I find monochrome does suit most portraits more so than colour. Now for the geeky bit! After lugging around a Billingham bag weighing half a ton through deserts and up mountains I've come to appreciate that less is more and to concentrate on getting the most out of what you have with you. I now use a Leica D-Lux 5 compact which is a marvelous piece of kit alongside a Nikon D600 with one 24-70mm F2.8 lens.